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I would like to tell you that finally is published on the internet after two months of development and customization, and it is honour for me and for my friend Ghaith Bash Imam to have this project in parallel with a TV program on Al Kass TV channel with the famous presenter Hmeed Al Blushi and many other people. Mr Mazen Al Dahan was the one who sparks the idea, and Mr Essa Al Hitmi was the project manager. The website is going to be displayed in a TV program called (Player Book) in an interactive way, where all the fans of the guest player can participate and send the guest Messages, Photos and Videos during the show. The program is going to be scheduled on each Thursday at 10:30 PM Doha time, and it is repeated next day on 10:30 AM Doha time also. Ghaith and I say hi to everybody reading this article or going to join us in this social network, and thank you for everyone worked in this project because it is hard to mention everyone.

Wail Shalabi.