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Articles IBC 2011

Dear friends,

I would like to tell you that during this year I went into the IBC 2011 in Amsterdam, Rai and it was amazing because this is my first time to travel into the green land. Indeed, I get a lot of meetings discussions and knowledge and I hope that everyone who works in the TV production fields to visit this show. The most strange thing I saw there was the future stands where I get a new experience with the virtual world of virtual touch, smile and view.

Maybe it is hard to explain it but I did it with my hand, eyes and nose to touch the three virtual balloons and explode them while I was looking into them using special glasses. This experience was great and thanks for both Mr Samer Younes and Mr Essa Al Hitmi to let me know all about the IBC, Future Zone, Automation Companies, and the Green Land.

Wail Shalabi.