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Finally, I can say that Qatar TV Website is there and this project is going to be finished soon In Shaa Allah. Qatar Television Website was a very huge project especially the backend of this website; because it deals with the videos files since they are recorded until they will be published on many internet web servers around the world at the same time. As most of us know that was handling the same functionality, but the new QTV project is different in many things and here are some of the project features. Project Features: - Ability to capture HD channels with high-quality bitrates without any drop frames using hardware encoders - Ability to split captures videos into hourly parts and move them into the media storage server - Ability to watch the captured videos via HTML 5 technology by the Video Operators for assigning the IN - OUT time codes - Ability to transcode the generated parts excluding the commercial advertisements from the clip source using hardware transcoders - Ability to send the jobs into the transcoders in load balance functionality to reduce the transcoding time and use the multipass functions and get more and better quality - Ability to deliver the clips into multiple platforms such as Web, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and all new mobile phones - Ability to capture the images of both coloured and grayscales images - Ability to deliver the clips into the CDN networks automatically - Ability to add clips metadata and categorization for search capabilities - Adding a news portal into the system with the ability to add text, images and videos short clips into the news - Adding the load balance abilities to the web servers with the database servers - Adding the Live Stream control module in addition to the Geo-blocking system abilities - Adding advertisement modules to control the marketing campaigns The total project is still under development and the next part will be smart phone devices applications. Thank God for help and support.

Wail Shalabi.