Wail Alshalabi Website

IT Software Developer & IT Consultant

I ensure the perfect quality

Dynamic Contents

All the content of the website pages can be changed easily through out the WPanel CMS System

Custom Back-End

A fully customized website control panel (WPanel) that suits your needs with simple and minimal clicks

Responsive Design

Responsive website design interface suitable for all mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Fast page render

Using the latest SEO optimizations with the latest and the fastest template render engines, that leads into a search engine friendly pages.

Website Design Process

1 - Onboard & Plan

Talk about requirements, brand, goals and target audience in order to get a better view of how to plan the project and do the first researches.

2 - Design & Develop

Design the best practice and usable on-brand user interface, wireframe, and click-dummy, building the effective user experiences.

3 - Develop Backend & Test

Starting from frontend moving into the backend that allows you to control every single content in the website, with the best and high quality assurance (QA).

4 - Launch & Maintain

As a DEVOPS model, I build out a CI/CD process to deploy the website versions and maintain the next bug or features releases.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a custom website design?

A custom website design is a website that is designed only for you or your company, this design will be designed based on the project needs, and it can only fit your needs, normally you can imagine that custom design is like ordering a fully customized car.

What is a custom website development?

A custom website development is to develop and write a code of the website based on the project needs not using any ready-made or open source codes, so the written code will be short, fast, expandable and secure.

Is custom website expensive?

Yes, doing a custom code and a custom website design is more expensive that building a website based on an open source codes like WordPress, Joomla or Typo3.

Why do i need a custom website when other open source projects can fit my needs?

If you find your solution and project needs in any open source solution, then you do not need a custom website, the only challenge is the future, is the open source solution will fit the expansion of the project!

Is a custom website has a place to manage the website content?

Yes, building a custom website normally includes building a suitable content management system (CMS) for it.

Why a custom website is faster than other open source solutions?

All open source solutions are generally designed, and they have a lot of functions and complex libraries that fit a wide range of expectations and targets, that is why the open source solutions a general and big solutions. A custom solution is smaller, lighter and targeting one specific target.